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New beginnings (again)

In mindfulness practice, beginnings are portals to hope.

Every time we catch a glimpse of ourselves lost in thinking or bumbling along on auto-pilot, we have the opportunity to start again in our practice. These moments of awakening to ourselves are the gift of mindfulness. They bring with them the sensing of possibilities in everyday moments.

During lockdown, life has taken on a different pace for many and the thought of returning to 'normality' might be daunting, exciting or even terrifying for some. For those who are emerging from this period having lost friends or family members to the pandemic, there is the added burden of carrying grief into this changed world. Everything is new, even if the talk is all of 'returning' to our lives. Everything has changed and it is normal to feel confused or uncertain at this time.

I am also starting again with a new job at Birmingham City University and a new private practice for clients and supervisees. If you need a space to talk things through at this time of transition, then I might be able to help.

Sometimes, a single session is sufficient. Sometimes, clients need longer to work through what is happening for them. Whatever your needs, I'm excited to be starting my private practice again and I look forward to working with you as we make our way through these challenging times together.

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